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Verelogic has a strong team of skilled specialists available for you to call upon who have a great understanding of IBM, Microsoft and Quest software licensing.

We work with our customers to ensure that they are correctly licensed, helping them get the best value from their software benefits and always working to minimizing their licensing costs.  

Take a look at the real like case study examples below of some of the ways we've helped our clients reduce their cost and improve performance.

Real Life Case Study

Verelogic had been dealing with a customer for many years who's annual IBM licence renewal was in the region of £34,000. They were bought by a much larger company and we decided to migrate their existing IBM PA onto that of their new parent company. The following year their annual IBM software renewal was just under £19,000.

Another smaller company, Verelogic have moved onto their new parent company’s agreement which has resulted in them being able to now obtain Band D pricing as opposed to their existing Band BL pricing – a saving of approx. 10% on any future IBM licence purchases.

IBM offers 3 basic structures of licence:

Express Model

Client/Server Model

CEO Bundle Model

By looking into your current licensing purchases Verelogic can determine what benefits you may be able to gain by restructuring your current licensing for one of the other options.


Real Life Case Study

Verelogic were working with a customer who’s annual renewal was approx. £6,000, by restructuring them onto the Lotus CEO Communications bundle we were able to reduce this to approx. £4,000 per annum.

The initial cost of the restructuring of the licences was £7,168 so although this was higher in the short term they were able to achieve ROI the following year with the decreased cost. This option is best looked at when there are a minimum of 100 users within the organisation and multiple servers. As well as the standard 12 month renewals IBM also offer 24 and 36 month renewal periods, which can offer considerable cost savings, as you are price protecting your software by purchasing in advance and showing additional loyalty to IBM.


Real Life Case Study

We spoke to one of our customers on the benefits of renewing over a 3 year period rather than the 1 they were currently doing. Their annual renewal was approx £32,000 by signing up for a 36 month renewal we were able to get them a total cost of approx. £77,000 giving a saving of approx £20,000 over the 3 years.

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

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