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Migrations between IBM and Microsoft Platforms

We are proud to work with innovative organisations across the UK. Through the adoption new software technologies we help businesses achieve their individual goals, including platform migrations of mail and applications.

The key decision an organisation makes to push ahead with a migration is ultimately driven by what the resulting impact on the business that the changes will bring. Identifying an opportunity to make cost savings, or increase revenue by completing a migration makes it easy for business leaders to choose to push ahead and we are well placed to help identify these opportunities.

Every year we work with companies to streamline their processes, helping them adopt better team working and achieve cost savings. So whether you are looking to review, upgrade your environment or considering migration we can help you.

Our Software Expertise

Cost reductions


Capability Enhancement

Improve collaboration

 Concept Shift (A new solution fits the long term vision of an organisation) 

Risk Management


Licencing (Ensuring you stay compliant while in the transition period)

Our team of technical consultants have a wealth of development and consultancy knowledge and are fast becoming regarded as experts in the industry for our work on migration projects between IBM and Microsoft platforms.
Our Technology Specialism

Office 365


Notes Domino Client, version 5 to 9 Application development

Applications for the "cloud"


Quest Discovery, Co-existence and Migration Tools


Mobile Applications

Notes Browser Plug-in

Binary Tree Common Migration Tools
Notes Domino


We’ve completed migration projects across many business sectors from financial services organisations to manufacturers, here is just a couple example of the work we have undertaken:

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Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

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