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28 Oct 2014

Cutting Through Resourcing Red Tape

Our 25 years of business experience has taught us that it's easy to get bogged down in the day to day business issues and loose sight of the bigger picture.
Many of our customers are choosing to plan their resources ahead with our pre-paid SharePoint and .Net facility, which helps them:
  1. Tap into resources when and where needed
  2. Cut through resourcing red tape
  3. Take advantage of great preferential rates 
  4. Maintain a tight control of IT budgets
  5. Achieve business delivery targets
  6. Maintain skill levels  
Our team of specialist consultants are on hand to help you gain the competitive advantage through the adoption of the latest technologies.
Whether you are looking for help with ad hoc support calls or looking to kick off a large application development project we have a full range of services and expertise to offer.
Key skills: 
  • Design, development and implementation of new bespoke applications, built to your exact specifications to meet your budget and time-frames
  • Bug-fixing and troubleshooting of existing applications
  • Mentoring of your in-house development team in application development to your specific requirements
  • Enhancements to existing applications 
  • Migrations
  • Web enablement of existing client applications - e.g. to take advantage of the new Web technologies
Contact us today to book your initial consultation and to learn more about the expertise we offer by emailing or calling us on 01793 544994. 



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Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

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