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Support Services

Verelogic is a UK based specialist Microsoft and IBM software business partner with a wealth of expertise. We offer a variety of high-quality software support services including:

  •       Installation assistance
  1. product updates for major releases of software
  2. migrations from IBM to Microsoft platforms and vice versa
  •        Proactive and reactive on-site services
  •        Support for custom application or infrastructure software
  •        Remote troubleshooting

Whether your applications have been purchased from other external parties or self-developed, Verelogic will be able to support and maintain them, providing that the underlying source code is available.

We can work to free up your IT people to allow you to focus on your key IT strategy and driving your business forward, safe in the knowledge that you have experts dealing quickly and effectively with the issues that arise. We have the necessary expertise in the following environments to deliver the best support for your business:

  • Microsoft SharePoint
  • Microsoft .Net,
  • Microsoft SQL
  • IBM Domino & Notes

One of the many possible scenarios where we would be able to help you, include providing additional Support to your internal team when they most need it. 

Take the first step towards freeing up your key IT people and removing those service desk bottlenecks.

Call Verelogic today on (01793) 544994 or email for either an informal chat or to arrange an on-site meeting to discuss your specific requirements in more detail and let Verelogic take your pain away and help your business to prosper.


Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Silvia couldn't see her IT problems!

Thankfully Verelogic's experts solved them all!...

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